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Are you suffering from a joint injury, joint pain, or a non-healing fracture? You may be a Regenexx© treatment candidate. To have someone contact you with more information, please read the note below and then submit this form.

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Before we schedule a phone conference with the doctor to determine if this procedure might be a good fit, it’s important you know how we determine candidacy. While anyone can surprise us with a good result, if you’re in one of these categories below, you may want to wait before spending the funds to get on the phone with the doctor. Many of the factors above can be changed based on discussion with your family doctor. If after reading this list, you’re not in one of these high-risk categories, please fill out the form above.

Factors that can make you ineligible for regenerative procedures:

  1. Multiple prescription medications that you are unable to stop for the duration of the procedure, which typically is 4 months. For whatever reason, we’ve noted some prescription medications can reduce stem cell growth and we believe the success of our procedure depends on robust stem cell growth. In particular, these medications are problematic: blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, NSAID’s (like Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen), steroid medications including oral, inhaled and eye drops, and some male or female hormone supplement creams or pills. Other medications will have to be discussed on a case-by-case basis, but any prescription medication has the potential to interfere with stem cell expansion and function.
  2. Excess Weight. We noted patients with a high body mass index (BMI-overweight) tend not to do as well with this procedure. If you're significantly overweight, we may ask you to have your weight under better control before you pursue the procedure.
  3. Low activity levels. Normal activity levels mean you participate in at least three to four total hours a week of exercise intense enough that having a conversation during the workout might be difficult. If you have less, but still try to stay active (gym workouts, elliptical a few times a week), you may still be a good candidate, but your ability to grow a lot of stem cells may be impaired. If you have no or little exercise (we consider this someone whose principal exercise is walking the mall or the dog), then your ability to produce enough stem cells for the procedure may be even more impaired. As a result, if you’re in this activity category, we'll counsel you to increase your activity levels.
  4. Peri-menopausal women. This usually means women from the ages of 45 – 55, but some women begin menopause later or earlier. Generally, we see lower stem cell growth in patients before, during, or just after menopause. Stem cell growth for women who are younger or older doesn’t seem to be impacted.
  5. Illness. Certain illnesses such as significant heart, lung, or autoimmune diseases may have a negative impact on cell growth and outcome.
  6. Men on testosterone creams or shots are at risk for poor stem cell growth and function. We have noted this can dramatically reduce stem cell growth. We’ll ask you to stop this before and during the procedure.

If you’re considering a non-surgical solution like Regenexx®, please complete our form below.